Alumni Directorate

1.Director Manager 

 Shall  Report to the President of the University, and shall have the following functions and tasks:

a. Supervising the work of the alumni department, promoting its performance, and submitting a periodic report on it to the university director.

B. Preparing the initial plans and programs and presenting them to the advisory council for discussion and approval.

c. Supervising the implementation of plans and programs after approval by the Advisory Council. Dr. Supervising the financial performance and spending the budget in accordance with the approved items.

e. Preparing the annual report and presenting it to the advisory board. And. Implement the advisory council decisions and policies to serve the university.

g. Any other tasks assigned to him by the university president.

2. Executive Director:  shall report  to the Director of Alumni Administration for supervising the work of the administration units, according to the following tasks and competencies:

a. Supervising the implementation of the plans and programs of all units of the administration, following up on their work, and submitting periodic reports on their work to the director of the administration.

B. Administrative supervision of the employees and collaborators in the administration.

c. Supervising the formation and registration of the various alumni entities in accordance with the management statute and its work regulations. Dr. Any other tasks assigned to him by the director of the department.

3. Units: The administration includes four units, in which employees or collaborators are hired, each unit according to its tasks and competencies:

a. Media and Public Relations Unit.

B. Graduate Training and Employment Unit.

c. Statistics and Documentation Unit. Programs and Activities Unit.