Organizational Chart

The Scientific Advisory Committee:

Is a permanent committee that comprises faculty members of different disciplines concerned with supervising, reviewing, as well as arbitration and evaluation of projects related proposals and ideas when necessary. That is to ensure their correct application and assess the extent of local and regional market’s needs. In addition to its recommendations, support, and providing scientific advice that students need during projects implementation.

Training Department:

The department is concerned with training of students, graduates and other targeted society groups on soft skills and technical training such as:
• The culture of creativity, innovation and self-employment.
• Legal skills (intellectual property, trademarks, business and company names, financing regulations)
• Presentation Skills
• Brainstorming
• Generating creative ideas

Development, Design & Technical Support Department:

Is a specialized department for carrying out necessary technical tasks and providing technical support for programs that aim to develop and design marketable services and products such as:
• Providing technical support.
• Technical supervision for developing and designing prototypes of innovative projects.
• Supervising production of projects that rise to be registered as patents.
• Technical training on using lab equipment, programming languages, and development tools.

Projects and Programs Department:

The department specialized in implementing various periodic projects and programs to ensure achieving tasks and specializations related to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, covering all the center required activities, such as:
• Exhibitions related to students’ products and creations.
• Workshops and seminars to transfer knowledge to students.
• Managing a dialogue with partners on policy-related issues that concern the country in general.
• Encouraging competition amongst students and creating creativity supporting environment.
• Incubation programs and business accelerators.

Marketing and Partnerships Department:

The department aims to: introducing the center, marketing projects, products and services. Furthermore, attracting partnerships through:
• Publishing brochures and introductory materials and participating in exhibitions organized outside the university.
• Creating website and webpages on social media and manage them effectively.
• Marketing student projects, products and services after being studied and evaluated.
• Establishing partnerships with relevant authorities as to attract support and diversify sources of financial and technical support.

Administration and Services Department:

The department is concerned with the important administrative and accounting works to control them and ensure their normal and non-stop workflow through:
• Following up the flow of logistics services
• Administrative control of property and equipment
• Supervising the center’s teamwork.
• Supervising and controlling students and trainees.
• Following up and documenting cash flows and disbursements.
• Preparing periodic administrative and financial report.